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OSCON 2009 occurred July 20-24 in San Jose, California, USA.

Organisers Edit

Allison Randal is one of the Program Chairs for OSCON 2009, and is delivering the Welcome on the first day.

Women speakers Edit

  • Cat Allman, "Getting Started in Free and Open Source"
  • Elaine Ashton, "OpenSolaris at Sun: May You Live in Interesting Times."
  • Valerie Aurora, "Btrfs: A new Linux file system"
  • Addison Berry, "Open Source Documentation Doesn't Have to Suck"
  • Silona Bonewald, "Hacking the Open Government"
  • Deborah Bryant and others, "Bureaucrats, Technocrats and Policy Cats: How the Government is turning to Open Source, and Why."
  • Angie Byron, "Using Drupal"
  • Selena Deckelmann, "Linux Filesystem Performance for Databases"
  • Leslie Hawthorn, " Getting Started in Free and Open Source" and "The Google Open Source Update"
  • Emma Jane Hogbin, "Version Control for Mere Mortals"
  • Regina Obe, "Tips and Tricks for Writing PostGIS Spatial Queries"
  • Akkana Peck, "Bug Fixing for Everyone", "Featherweight Linux"
  • Stormy Peters, "The Role of Users in Open Source Projects"
  • Jacinta Richardson, "Just Get the Job Done! Serving the Community One Argument at a Time", "MVCs in Perl, Too Many Ways To Do It!", "Doing Perl Right"
  • Karen Sandler and others, "What's in a Name: Can Trademarks be Helpful to Free Software Projects?"
  • Esther Schindler, Jennifer Cloer and others, "What Open Source Projects Need to Know About Interacting with the Press"
  • Skud, "Forking Encouraged"
  • Laura Thomson, "2009 PHP Best Practices", "Scaling Firefox Support with PHP"
  • Beth Tibbitts, "How to Write Your Own Eclipse Plug-ins"
  • Kelaine Vargas, "How Green Is Our City? The Urban Forest Mapping Project"
  • Elaine Wherry, "What Web App Design Can Learn From the Harpsichord"
  • Saill White, "Use LINA to Reach Your Users on all Platforms"

22/248 = 8.9% (up from 8.36% last year)

Women attendees Edit

Rollcall! Please add yourself, in alphabetical order by surname.

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