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Only about 1.5% of the people involved in open source are women, leaving us terribly underrepresented. In the Drupal world, we were at 7% in May 2008 and we are up to a whopping 17% in May 2014, which only gets us to awfully unrepresented. ;) This group is for anyone (either male or female) who believes that we can do better and wants to help.

So if you:

  • are a woman who needs some help/guidance in order to get (more) involved with Drupal and the Drupal community
  • are a woman who wants to network and get to know other women involved in Drupal
  • are anyone who has ideas on things we can do to help encourage women to participate in Drupal

...then this is the group for you. :)

Women in Drupal (Formerly DrupalChix)

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